The Latin-based dance fitness course

Suitable for all ages 14-140   *   £6 per 1 hour class, pay as you go   *   £48.50 for a 10 class pass

All you need is trainers, a sports bra, comfortable clothes and a drink - just turn up!


Tuesdays: Thursdays:
8:00pm Over Community Centre 6:45pm Over Community Centre
8:00pm Longstanton Village Institute

Contact Details: info@moveitfitness.co.uk, mobile: 07900 808354

* * *

In the words of some of our clients:

"More fun than you should probably be able to have sober!" - Ms C.

"I can't dance for toffee - but always believe I AM Beyonce on a Thursday" - Miss E.

"If you can shake and bounce and love music, you will LOVE these classes!" - Mrs H.

"I've lost two stone through shaking twice a week with Jo Hopkins. Need I say more?" - Mrs C.