Core Fit

Core Fit

So We Can Have Our Cake and Eat It - Personalised Training the affordable way!

Core Fit has been written and perfected over the last ten years, and is constantly changing to ensure everyone is ALWAYS progressing:

So utterly addictive you'll still want your place next year!

PLACES BY PRIOR BOOKING ONLY - Please email/call/text for more information

Contact Details:, mobile: 07900 808354


"Core Fit came into my life accidentally and has now become a major part of it. Being part of a small 'team' of ladies and all working to the same goal of losing weight and getting fit is fantastic. I have taken control of my life again and from there other aspects of my life have grown too. I cannot praise this course enough. Two years later it is still the best money and time I have ever spent on myself. If you get offered a place, take it!" - Mrs J.