About Us

About Us

Not just a pretty face! Move It Fitness has a long and glamorous history...

In 2005 in a little village called Great Staughton, "Dance Party" was launched for the village kids. The children learnt routines to their favourite pop tracks and performed them at village events. With 60 local children ranging from 2½ to 16 years old, the shows got more and more successful and the routines more and more complicated. The Adults version was started in 2006 and then the hard work really started.

Jo Hopkins trained as a dancer until she was a teenager and then as a primary teacher at University. Returning to ballet and tap as an adult, Jo soon realised that actually teaching dance based classes for the non technical dancer was the job for her.

" I felt sad that children that hadn't the natural gift for the different techniques (such as ballet and tap) missed out on moving to music. We know through scientific research that moving to music, remembering routines, working as a team and performing in public are all highly beneficial to the development of both motor neurone skills, confidence levels and the brain activity. Ballet and tap classes are renowned for being quite costly and if your child doesn't show natural talent that can be developed, it can lead to heart ache for the child and wasted money for the parent. I set up Dance Party with my colleague Bev Clarke (a Pre School Manager) at cost basis. Many of those children went on to be part of dance groups as teenagers and as part of Amateur Dramatic Societies, I know in part due to the confidence instilled in them as part of Dance Party. Watching these children perform at their village Gala Day for the first time in 2005 was one of the proudest moments of my life"

Once the parents started getting involved (who knew so many mums wanted to dance too!) Dance Party started to become a business and Jo became a qualified Fitness Professional.

The aim of the business was to provide a High quality, enjoyable, effective fitness class in the villages rather than needing to go into town.

Jo moved to CAMBRIDGE in 2008 but continued to teach every Wednesday in Great Staughton for the following three years. In 2010 Jo launched Move It Fitness and her first Core Fit Sessions.

"CORE FIT is a course I spent years developing and continually develop. Each session lasts for 1hour and 15 minutes and covers every aspect of physical fitness from nutrition to flexibility, strength, endurance and cardiovascular work. The ideal size for a class is 10 people. This allows me to know every client personally and tailor each and every exercise if necessary to each and every participant. CORE FIT has an exclusive feel to it; like having a Personal Trainer, but without the cost. These sessions and teams that are created have changed people's lives in ways that even I didn't expect. The confidence these women now have, the change in their fitness levels and, in many, their take on life is immense. They take on challenges they would never have even acknowledged two/three years ago and every year they make me feel incredibly proud of them."

Jo's passion for dance has seen her set up Zumba classes and FitSteps classes that make the sweat run into your eyes!

"There is nothing that makes you feel better than dancing like no one is watching and sweating your ass off whilst doing it. I try to use a real mash of different music tracks and my own choreography to make my classes a bit different from the average Zumba or FitSteps session. You might turn up to one of my classes feeling rubbish after a bad day, but I guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your face!"

Finally, Jo and her teams of ladies have been involved in some great events from Flash Mobs in shopping centres (see YouTube!) to running half marathons, charity Zumbathons and other fundraisers. In 2012, Jo and Move It Fitness were selected to be part of the promotion team for Cancer Research Uk and the Cambridge Race For Life.

"We spent a couple of months touring some hot spots in Cambridge as well as dancing in the Grand Arcade to promote the Race For Life and ended the tour on Parker's Piece on 21st July warming up the 10,000 runners at the Race For Life. It was the most nerve wracking, exhausting and exciting month ever and watching all those fabulous ladies dancing my dance back at us was exhilarating! I felt like Robbie Williams! We entered a huge team of runners too and raised a decent amount of money for the charity. Great day, and every single one of those ladies ran their heart out."

Watch out world, who knows where Move It Fitness will appear next!!!!

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For more information, contact Jo Hopkins: info@moveitfitness.co.uk, mobile: 07900 808 354